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Monika Sziladi


Wide Receivers (2009-2013)

In Wide Receivers I explore how the social sphere and its attendant behaviors are simultaneously tribalized and atomized amidst the ever increasing noise of mass (over)communication, digital media, and self-broadcasting. The compositions have been digitally constructed – in some cases in a deceptively seamless manner - from images shot at public relations and networking events as well as trade shows and meet-ups of social segments that have connected online to interact offline.

Visually my aim is to collapse the space between the physical and the virtual. In their gestures, expressions, and appearance, my subjects similarly fold the practice of everyday living into a masquerade of the extraordinary – much akin to the way reality television, seamless product and celebrity placements, crowd sourcing, paparazzi photojournalism and online avatars distort boundaries between the ordinary and the spectacular.

The coexistence of mediatized and non-mediatized spaces and behaviors both collide and blur in my work: the two form a noisy feedback loop between each other, the observable by-product of which can be disruption, delirium, and in certain cases the atomization and/or the self-reinvention of the subjects.